The Lumus supply chain rivals that of the top consumer product companies in the world including partners like Quanta, SCHOTT, Crystal Optech, and others.

Quanta Computer

Quanta continues to be Lumus' primary ODM partner for our optical engines. As early believers in the Augmented Reality market, Quanta set up mass production lines in Taiwan to accomodate the consumer market demand for reflective waveguide optics.


SCHOTT is a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of optical materials and components for Augmented Reality (AR) waveguides and is a licensed manufacturer of several of Lumus' waveguides.
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Crystal Optech

Founded nearly two decades ago, Crystal Optech is the largest R&D and industrialization base of precision optoelectronic thin film components in the world. We are honored to work with them and to call them an investor in Lumus.
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