About Lumus

Lumus is an Israeli augmented reality optics company that has developed the most important display technology the world has ever seen.

Lumus Vision

Leading technology companies developing AR devices have stated that achieving a near to eye display that fits into a normal looking pair of glasses, performs well, is efficient enough to have a battery life that lasts all day, with an image bright enough to use outdoors is the hardest technology challenge of our time.

Lumus has the answer. Our reflective waveguide technology will allow the metaverse to be accessed outdoors with smart glasses that look like normal glasses.

Our technology is already used by spinal surgeons across the US as well as fighter pilots flying A10 and F16 aircraft.

Company Timeline

Since 2000 Lumus has been focused on producing
superior wearable displays for the world:



Founded as one of the earliest augmented reality hardware companies in the world (before AR was even a thing).


IP Portfolio

Built a significant IP portfolio to protect the reflective waveguide concept.


Launched 1st Product for Military

Lumus starts supplying Thales Avionics our PD-14 optical engines for their Scorpion helmet platform.


Launched 1st Product for Medical Device

Lumus partners with AR surgical navigation pioneer, Augmedics supplying them optical engines for their initial xVision device.


Capital Raise and Quanta Licensing deal

Lumus raised $43M from investors including Quanta Computer (ODM for Apple and MSFT), Alibaba and others.
Lumus signed a licensing agreement with Quanta aimed at mass production of optical engines.


Lenovo selects Lumus for enterprise device

OE-Vision selected by Lenovo for their first AR device targeting the enterprise.


Lumus develops 2D waveguide architectures

Lumus develops its first 2D expansion waveguide architecture achieving a 2Kx2K pixel display at 50 degree FOV.


Lumus partners with SCHOTT for mass production

Lumus and SCHOTT announce strategic partnership to build mass production ability for the company’s 2D expansion waveguides, brand named Maximus.


Lumus Maximus

Lumus launches the 2D expansion waveguide optical engine, Maximus featuring a 50 degree FOV and unparalleled performance.


Lumus Z-Lens

Z-Lens reduces the geometry and weight of Lumus optical engines by more than 50% and features the only waveguide that can have direct bonding of Rx lenses.

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