Lumus is proud to have several long-standing customers who have been using Lumus optics technology for more than a decade.

Scorpion - Helmet mounted cueing system

Thales Visionix's Scorpion is the worlds only full-color helmet display system. It allow combat pilots precise head-steered weapons and sensor cueing. Scorpion features full-color 360º x 360º conformal color symbology on the "real world" and enables pilots to rapidly acquire targets and hand-off to sensors and weapons.

The Future of Surgery is Within Sight.

Augmedics’ groundbreaking xvision Spine system (XVS) is the first augmented reality (AR) navigation system to be used in surgery. xvision Spine allows surgeons to visualize their patients’ 3D spinal anatomy during surgery as if they had “x-ray vision,” helping them to accurately navigate instruments and implants while looking directly at the patient, rather than a remote screen.

The Best Surgical Viewing Experience

MediThinQ designs and manufactures wearable smart glass solutions that enable free sight and comfortable surgery posture for medical staff. MedithinQ, an FDA(USA), CE-MDR(EU), PMDA(Japan), KFDA(Korea) and TGA(Australia) certified company, uses augmented reality (AR) to help surgeons using imaging equipment – like a laparoscope or an endoscope – see the image through an AR lens so they no longer have to turn around mid-surgery. With MediThinQ, the image is always presented right in front of their eyes during the procedure.

Enable Your Workforce With Enterprise-Grade Augmented Reality Solutions.

The ThinkReality A6 is an Augmented Reality head-mounted display featuring innovative functionalities that will change the way organizations work. This mobile device is designed to help the workforce use AR applications to receive expert assistance, reduce repair times, eliminate errors, streamline complex workflows, improve training quality, and save costs.

Augmented Reality Technology Smart Glasses

ThirdEye’s X2 MR Glasses can assist front-line medical personnel in treating patients affected with COVID-19 anywhere in the world.