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06 March 2024

Auganix: LexisNexis names Lumus as one of the world’s top innovators

17 January 2024  |  David Andrew Goldman

CREATIVE BLOQ: From 2D to 3D: How brands can harness the latest UX/UI revolution

07 November 2023  |  David Andrew Goldman

MedTech News: Behind the lens of AR: Eye-tracking in medtech

19 July 2023  |  NBC5 Chicago Lauren Petty

Augmented reality headset changes how spine surgeons ‘see’ in the operating room

29 March 2023  |  Matthew Dale

Reflective waveguides bring augmented reality to life

15 February 2023  |  Elizabeth Engler Modic

Today’s Medical Developments: MediThinQ relies on Lumus Optics to develop augmented reality solution for surgeons

15 February 2023  |  Helen Sydney Adams

Healthcare Digital: MediThinQ & Lumus on optics healthcare technology

27 April 2022  |  Military & Aerospace Electronics

Thales to provide helmet-mounted displays for jet fighter

27 April 2022  |  EMS1

ThirdEye AR glasses now available on FirstNet

02 December 2020

Lumus Interviews Augmedics About xvision – the First FDA Approved AR-Enabled Surgical Navigation System

02 July 2020  |  SCHOTT

Reflective waveguides for Augmented Reality: Lumus and SCHOTT enter into Strategic Partnership

22 March 2020  |  TYLER ROGOWAY

Private Aggressor F-5 Fighter Force Is Flying With Helmet Mounted Displays

20 February 2020  |  Business Insider

How an A-10 Warthog pilot’s helmet keeps them alive and on target

07 January 2020  |  Adi Pick

Lumus powered Augmedics is awarded FDA clearance for Xvision Spine System (XVS)

14 May 2019  |  Lenovo

Lenovo ThinkReality AR device Powered by Lumus optics

27 January 2019  |  Michael Belfiore

These Goggles Act Like Surgical X-Ray Specs

13 August 2018  |  Greg Nichols

3 unexpected ways you’ll soon find AR/VR in healthcare

19 April 2018  |  BBC

The helmet which gives firefighters ‘X-ray vision’

15 April 2018  |  DAQRI


15 April 2018

Augmedics Successfully Completes Cadaver Study with Johns Hopkins Hospital Surgeons Using xvision-spine (XVS) Augmented-Reality Surgical Navigation System

20 March 2018  |  Lee Bell

Qwake Tech’s AR Helmet Helps Firefighters See Through Smoke And Get Out Of Fire Five Times Faster

12 March 2018  |  DEAN TAKAHASHI

Daqri Worksense lets workers tag and scan their environments in AR

29 January 2018  |  ROWLAND MANTHORPE

This lab could hold the key to science-fiction-style AR

26 January 2018  |  Werner Vogels

AI for Everyone

26 January 2018

The Most Important Tech Trend Of 2018 Won’t Be A Technology

19 January 2018  |  Nick Zazulia

Connectivity Coming to HNA A330s and A350s Courtesy of Thales

19 September 2017  |  Romain Dillet

Augmedics is building augmented reality glasses for spinal surgery

27 August 2016  |  ADAM DACHIS

This Advanced Diver’s Helmet Takes AR to the Depths of the Ocean

17 August 2016

US Navy shows off its augmented-reality diving helmet, Ep. 235

27 July 2016  |  Amaani Lyle

Eyes in the Dark: Navy Dive Helmet Display Emerges as Game-Changer

02 December 2015  |  Frederic Lardinois

Atheer Acquires OnTheGo For Its Enterprise AR Platform

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