Press Coverage

26 March 2024  |  David Andrew Goldman

Supply and Demand Chain Executive: Waveguides Hold the Key to Mass Production of AR Glasses

11 February 2024  |  Helen Sydney Adams

Manufacturing Digital: Lumus & SCHOTT Forge Ahead with AR Glasses Partnership

11 February 2024  |  Dean Takahashi

Venturebeat: Lumus teams with SCHOTT to make AR glasses

04 December 2023  |  Abigail Klein Leichman

Israel21C: 6 Israeli designs on Fast Company Next Big Things list

31 October 2023  |  CEO, Ari Grobman

Retail Leader: How AR glasses will transform the customer experience

20 September 2023  |  David Andrew Goldman

MED TECH INTELLIGENCE: Revolutionizing Healthcare – Augmented Reality’s Unprecedented Impact

17 July 2023  |  Yuval Mann (Ynet Tech Journalist)

Ynet: Smart glasses in the design of eyeglasses will hit the shelves sooner than you think

04 June 2023  |  Lewis Painter

Trusted Reviews: I’ve seen the future of AR with my own eyes, and it’s not far off

07 May 2023  |  T3

I tried the future of AR – and this is what it looks like

28 March 2023  |  Karl Guttag

Karl Guttag Reviews Lumus Z-Lens and compares to alternatives

15 March 2023  |  Ari Grobman

Unite AI: The Future of AR Glasses Is AI-Enabled

15 January 2023  |  Barry Collins

Forbes: I’ve Seen The Future Of AR Glasses At CES 2023 – And It’s Amazing (featuring Lumus)

15 January 2023  |  Wired Gear Team

Wired: The Best of CES 2023 (These are the products, prototypes, and ideas that most clearly signaled the future at this year’s consumer tech showcase.)

15 January 2023  |  Jeremy Kaplan

TechRadar: Eyes-on with Lumus Z-Lens, the mind-blowing future of AR glasses (AR like you’ve never seen it before)

15 January 2023  |  Tekla S. Perry

IEEE Spectrum: Lumus Featured in Enabling Technologies from CES 2023

11 January 2023  |  Ian Carlos Campbell


11 January 2023  |  Dean Takahashi

VentureBeat: Lumus readies new waveguide designs for smaller and lighter AR glasses

11 January 2023  |  TechRadar Staff

TechRadar: 15 best gadgets of CES 2023: the TVs, laptops, health tech, and more we loved

11 January 2023  |  Jeremy Kaplan

TechRadar: Every AR, VR, MR, and XR headset we saw at CES 2023

30 December 2022  |  Sascha Brodsky

Lifewire: How New Tech Could Lead to Smaller, Lighter AR Glasses

05 December 2022  |  Ari Grobman

EE Times: AR-Enabled Metaverse Leverages Age-Old Technology

09 November 2022  |  FORBES

AR is Ready for the World and the World is Ready for AR – but Why Now?

09 June 2022  |  RoadtoVR

Hands-on: Lumus Prototype AR Glasses Are Smaller & Better Than Ever

06 June 2022  |  Robert Scoble

The future of augmented reality glasses with Lumus

28 April 2022  |  AR Post

The Optics Explosion: Component Manufacturers Make Big Announcements

27 April 2022  |  The Information

Lumus Unveils New AR Waveguides

04 April 2022  |  AR Insider

Can Reflective Waveguides Unlock the Real-World Metaverse?

04 April 2022  |  3D Printing Media Network

LUMUS and Luxexcel demonstrate reflective waveguide in a 3D printed prescription lens demonstrator

04 February 2022  |  AR Post

Meet Lumus, One of the Companies Making Displays for AR Glasses

25 May 2021  |  RoadtoVR

Latest Lumus Waveguide Shows Retina Resolution & 50° FOV in AR Glasses Form-factor

21 November 2019

An Interview with Yole: AR headsets – Solutions to go from military to commercial products

14 January 2019  |  Charlie Fink

Forbes: Why 2019 Was The Best Year For AR And VR At CES

08 January 2019  |  Chris Davies

Slashgear: Lumus’ new smart glasses displays are AR for everyone

10 November 2018  |  Karl Guttag

Magic Leap, HoloLens, and Lumus Resolution “Shootout” (ML1 review part 3)

29 September 2018  |  Ari Grobman

AR’s success depends on perfecting input methods

29 January 2018  |  Karl Guttag

CES 2018 (Part 1 – AR Overview)

29 January 2018  |  Lucas Matney

Techcrunch: Lumus shows off the latest of its increasingly tiny augmented reality displays

29 January 2018

Lumus Showcases Next-Generation AR Displays at CES 2018

05 December 2017  |  Lumus BusinessWire

Lumus Announces Deal with Quanta to License and Mass Manufacture AR Optics at Consumer Price Point

20 April 2017  |  Abigail Klein Leichman

The world’s eyes are on Israel for photonics innovations

20 April 2017  |  Mark Fidelman

These Are the Top Mixed Reality Companies in the World Today

11 January 2017

Lumus shows that mixed reality glasses are coming in next year or two that are as thin as Snap’s Spectacles

09 January 2017  |  Graham Atlee

CES 2017: Top 6 AR Tech Innovations

05 January 2017  |  DEAN TAKAHASHI

Lumus unveils AR displays for smartglasses with wide field of view

05 January 2017  |  Adi Robertson

Lumus says its new augmented reality glasses are for ‘casual everyday users’

01 January 2017  |  Abigail Klein Leichman

25 brilliant Israeli tech companies to watch in 2017

21 December 2016  |  ERIC DAVID

Lumus raises $45M to push its augmented reality displays

20 December 2016  |  Kevin Parrish

HTC jumps onto the AR bandwagon by investing in Lumus

19 December 2016  |  Tova Cohen

Israeli augmented reality firm Lumus raises another $30 million

19 December 2016  |  CAT ZAKRZEWSKI

Lumus Raises Additional $30 Million in Series C Funding

19 December 2016  |  Lucas Matney

AR display maker Lumus grabs $30M in new funding from HTC, Quanta

20 September 2016  |  Kate Baggaley

Navy divers will soon have one of the most futuristic views on the planet

21 February 2016  |  Mike Hoefflinger

VR And AR Will Be Mobile’s Demand Driver, Not Its Replacement

11 January 2016  |  Adi Robertson

Building for virtual reality? Don’t forget about women

08 January 2016  |  AVRAM PILTCH

New Augmented Reality Goggles More Immersive Than HoloLens

07 January 2016  |  Chris Davies

These Lumus displays could fix HoloLens’ big problem

07 January 2016  |  Jay Donovan

Lumus Is Showing A Wide Field-Of-View Smart Glasses Prototype

06 January 2016  |  Nicole Lee

Lumus wants its display optics in future smart glasses

10 March 2014  |  Andy Boxall

These smartglasses display your notifications using military-spec tech

06 March 2014  |  John Biggs

A Look At Lumus, The Amazing Lens Technology That Is Going To Change Wearables

25 February 2014  |  James Trew

Lumus and eyeSight deal brings gesture control to DK-40 smart glasses hand-on

09 January 2014  |  Mary Kelly

Wearable Glass Display – For viewing movies

09 January 2014

Lumus’ Latest Wearable Computer at CES 2014

08 January 2014  |  Jessica Dolcourt

Lumus smartglasses (mostly) get it right

07 January 2014

Lumus DK-40 hands-on: Glass put on notice

12 January 2012  |  Chris Burns

Lumus-enabled wearable display hands-on by Chris Burns for SlashGear

14 December 2011  |  Emily Price

Lumus glasses let you watch video, and the real world

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