Behind the

Lumus reflective waveguide is the breakthrough technology that enables makers of smart wearables to create the augmented and mixed reality of their dreams.

How does it work?

Micro-display Pod

Image is projected into the Lightguide Optical Element (LOE)

Lightguide Optical Element (LOE)

Image is expanded & reflected to eye

Breakthrough Technology

Our AR displays are based on a patented reflective waveguide technology enabling projected light to travel through a transparent lens. Only when light reaches user's field of view partially reflective surfaces embedded in the lens project all colors at once creating a bright, wide & crystal-clear AR image - like no other solution for the market.

Field of View (FoV)

With up to 55º wide field of view, Lumus' unique reflective waveguide technology powers a truly immersive AR experience.

Form Factor

For any given field of view, Lumus optical displays will always have smaller dimensions than all other solutions.

True See-Through

Our optics produce almost no distortions allowing the outside world to shine through.

Daylight Readable

Originally designed for outdoor use, Lumus delivers incredible brightness for daytime and outdoor usage.

Lifelike Image

By projecting all colors simultaneously within our waveguide, Lumus delivers bright, vivid digital images like no other solution.