Top AR Influencers Talk about Lumus on the Heels of Lenovo A6 Announcement

21 May 2019

During its Accelerate conference recently, Lenovo unveiled their ThinkReality A6 intended to bring augmented reality to enterprise users.  Powered with Lumus optics inside, the new device and AR software platform prove Lenovo is creating new use cases for the enterprise market.

The Lenovo ThinkReality A6 will feature waveguide displays from Lumus, following a  licensing deal with original design manufacturer Quanta, a Lenovo supplier, in Dec. 2017.

Backed with a considerable amount of institutional experience in the AR headset field, Lenovo's unique approach to the hardware, components, and the cross-platform software ecosystem make its latest headset a compelling option for enterprise customers.

How are the industry experts responding to the announcement,  Lumus optics and the potential enterprise opportunities?


Lenovo proudly announced the new product with its vision for the future of enterprise AR

The tech scene was quick to praise the collaboration, including Lenovo’s Nathan Pettyjohn,

seeing it as another milestone for the future of AR and Smart Glasses.


Christopher Grayson, an independent market analyst on SmartGlasses and Near-Eye Optics display systems praised the company’s ability to scale

In terms of the technical quality of optics, AR analyst Sarah Mautino stated that


Coming on the tails of a CapGemini Research Institute that shows 82% of companies currently implementing AR say that the benefits are either meeting or exceeding their expectations. The positive feedback lays a solid foundation for the widespread business adoption of augmented reality, which according to the study 46% of companies believe that the technology will become mainstream in enterprises within the next three years.


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