‘There are boats floating above my head in Times Square’

10 August 2018

AR is giving artists and galleries opportunities to create more interactive artworks and exhibitions, providing more exciting experiences and reaching new audiences by allowing artists to fuse physical art with digital content. New work is being created and existing work re-imagined.

Imagine holding your mobile phone up in front of Pablo Picasso's Woman with Green Hat and seeing the portrait transform into a photo of the muse who inspired the painting. Or admiring one of Claude Monet's many famous depictions of water lilies, only to see the image morph into video footage of the artist's real flower garden in Giverny, the inspiration for this series of paintings.

It is how visitors to Vienna's Albertina Museum can experience its current Monet to Picasso - The Batliner Collection exhibition.

Read the full BBC article by Nicola K Smith here.

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