Report by Gartner Reveals Waveguide Optics Create Differentiation for Augmented Reality Head Mounted Displays

20 January 2019

Lumus, a leading developer and producer of transparent AR displays, announces today that Gartner notes in its September 2018 Market Trends: Advancements in Immersive See-Through Technologies Will Differentiate Augmented Reality Glasses report, lists waveguide optics create differentiation for augmented reality head-mounted displays.

Gartner forecasts that “by 2022, the top-selling model of AR HMDs will weigh less than 50 grams with up to a 100-degree field of view horizontal, down by more than 50% from the average of more than 100 grams with a 45-degree field of view in 2018... Waveguide optics for AR HMDs has recently brought more attention to and raised the profile of microdisplays. Well-designed waveguide optics is able to drastically reduce the weight of AR HMDs while simultaneously providing a wider field of view and enhanced picture quality.”

As stated in the report: “A waveguide can be very thin (less than 5 mm), have a wide field of view (larger than 40 degrees), and have a large display area for overlaying information without extra weight increase. Furthermore, the well-designed waveguide optics enhances picture quality in color and resolution by effectively guiding/combining different wavelengths of light projected from microdisplays to the user’s eye.”

In order for OEMs, to compete in the market they will need to meet the challenges that exist in entering the market. Some of those challenges include: that immersive technology demands that developers use new technology differently than they have with 2D interfaces, pricing needs to be affordable for the consumer, extended battery life, and a lightweight and stylish look that appeals to users are essential for mass adoption.

“Because of the detail that comes with developing waveguide optics, the challenge that the industry today is facing is primarily mass manufacturing,” says Ari Grobman, CEO of Lumus. “We anticipated this challenge and partnered with Quanta Computer to develop mass production of our waveguide optics to meet the growing need in the consumer market.”

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