Lumus Expands to Enable Consumer AR Solutions. Brings 55-Degree Field-of-View AR Display Prototype to CES

06 April 2017


Lumus Ltd., a leading developer of augmented reality (AR) transparent wearable displays, today announced the company’s plans for a more direct focus on enabling consumer market solutions. The pioneering AR display company expects the consumer market to arrive sooner than most forecasts. Following its recent $45 million strategic investment from top-tier consumer electronics manufacturers, the Lumus team will showcase two new display prototypes, each designed to serve a different end of the AR consumer market. The Maximus highlights the largest field–of-view (FoV) that Lumus has developed to date, while the Sleek prototype addresses another market demand for a discreet, natural-looking design.

The Maximus prototype features a top-down design, allowing users to wear their own prescription glasses, and offers an immersive 55-degree FoV, providing a more realistic AR experience than previously available, making it ideal for gamers and serious AR enthusiasts. In contrast, the Sleek prototype focuses more on style, compactness, and mobility, making it practical for more casual everyday users. Visitors to the Lumus booth at CES (#27025) will experience the promise of compelling mixed reality at both ends of the consumer spectrum first-hand with a set of new demos.
“Lumus is determined to deliver on the promise of the consumer AR market by offering a range of optical displays to several key segments,” Lumus CEO Ben Weinberger says.

“From our unique vantage point as the key enabler of augmented reality eyewear, we foresee the consumer AR market arriving sooner than expected, with some of our customers planning to introduce consumer prototypes during the coming year.”

Lumus transparent near-eye displays are based on a patented reflective waveguide technology that the company has been developing and delivering for over a decade. The company’s reflective waveguide optics deliver unmatched see-through performance, a wide field of view and daylight readability, and enable natural-looking smart eyewear.

About Lumus

Lumus ( transparent displays enable the fusion of the digital and physical worlds, allowing businesses and individuals to maximize the potential of augmented reality and smart eyewear today. Lumus optical technology makes possible unmatched see-through performance and a wide field of view in the most natural-looking eyewear. Lumus augmented reality display technology is used by leading consumer electronics and smart-eyewear manufacturers to implement their future AR offerings. Additionally, health care, military aviation, and logistics are among the industries that rely on Lumus today for the optical technology underlying their pioneering AR applications.

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