Lumus, a developer of groundbreaking transparent displays for augmented reality (AR) head-mounted displays (HMD) and smart eyewear, today announced the appointment of VP of Business Development Ari Grobman as its new CEO. Grobman has played a major role in commercializing Lumus optics, and brings a depth of industry knowledge and expertise to his new role that few in the industry can approach.

“I joined Lumus eleven years ago in order to join a company whose visionary technology had the potential to literally change the way we interact with reality,” Grobman says. “Today, as the leading companies around the world plan to bring augmented reality and mixed reality consumer products and content to the market, I’m more convinced than ever that Lumus is positioned to become the key enabling technology in the space.”

Former Lumus CEO Ben Weinberger recently decided to step down from the role after successfully closing the largest capital raise of an Israeli AR company to date and growing the company along several axes—including R&D, production, and brand awareness. As an investor and believer in the company’s optical technology, Weinberger remains committed to the success of the company and plans to assist Grobman in a consulting capacity moving forward.

“Under Ari’s leadership, Lumus will continue to focus on technology innovation, bringing new products to market, forming strategic relationships with top-tier companies, and expanding our production and supply capacity,” says Lumus Chairman Shlomo Kalish. “I would like to use this opportunity to thank Ben for his significant contribution to Lumus and wish Ari much success in his new position.”

Since joining Lumus as head of business development in 2006, Grobman has helped familiarize countless business leaders of the world’s most recognized brands with the benefits of augmented reality optics and the company’s groundbreaking see-through wearable displays.

“Our optical technology is unmatched today, and I foresee many exciting opportunities for Lumus and the partners who use our underlying technology in their smart eyewear,” says Grobman. “Lumus’ long-term vision of how AR technology will change the world has positioned the company at the forefront of a real paradigm shift.”

About Lumus
Lumus ( develops and produces transparent displays that fuse digital and physical worlds into an immersive augmented reality (AR) experience like never before. Lumus optics are the core foundational technology on which today’s leading AR and smart eyewear manufacturers base their products. Our patented optical technology makes unmatched see-through performance and a wide field of view in natural-looking, sleek and compact design possible today. Additionally, health care, military aviation, and logistics are among the industries that rely on Lumus today for the optical technology underlying their pioneering AR applications.