02 December 2020

Lumus Interviews Augmedics About xvision – the First FDA Approved AR-Enabled Surgical Navigation System

Lumus Inside

20 February 2020   |   Business Insider

How an A-10 Warthog pilot’s helmet keeps them alive and on target

27 January 2019   |   Michael Belfiore

These Goggles Act Like Surgical X-Ray Specs

13 August 2018   |   Greg Nichols

3 unexpected ways you’ll soon find AR/VR in healthcare

15 April 2018   |   DAQRI


29 January 2018   |   ROWLAND MANTHORPE

This lab could hold the key to science-fiction-style AR

26 January 2018   |   Werner Vogels

AI for Everyone

26 January 2018   |   Krisztina 'Z' Holly

The Most Important Tech Trend Of 2018 Won’t Be A Technology

19 January 2018   |   Nick Zazulia

Connectivity Coming to HNA A330s and A350s Courtesy of Thales

19 September 2017   |   Romain Dillet

Augmedics is building augmented reality glasses for spinal surgery

02 December 2015   |   Frederic Lardinois

Atheer Acquires OnTheGo For Its Enterprise AR Platform

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Press Coverage

21 November 2019   |  

An Interview with Yole: AR headsets – Solutions to go from military to commercial products

As AR aims to change our reality, it is extremely important to have systems that are properly designed to trick our brain, providing a sharp image. We had the pleasure to talk with Dr. Zine Bouhamri, Display Technology and Market Analyst for Yole to breakdown AR, Lumus’s contributions to the industry and Lumus’s role in framing the future of AR. Read the full interview with Dr. Eli Glikman, Chief Product Officer at Lumus Ltd here: Augmented reality headsets: Solutions to go from military to commercial products – An interview with Lumus

14 January 2019   |   Charlie Fink

Forbes: Why 2019 Was The Best Year For AR And VR At CES

I sat down with Lumus CEO Ari Grobman and Marketing VP David Goldman. The Isreal based company, backed by eCommerce giant Ali-Baba, Quanta Computer, and others, was previously a developer of military grade optics for the US Air Force among others. They say their 40-degree FOV stereoscopic waveguide is the brightest and most power efficient display on the market.

08 January 2019   |   Chris Davies

Slashgear: Lumus’ new smart glasses displays are AR for everyone

Smart glasses are coming, and since augmented reality wearables need to be closer to designer sunglasses than they are to Google Glass, transparent displays need to raise their game. That’s just what smart eyewear display specialist Lumus is doing, bringing along its latest Sleek display prototype to CES 2019 this week to show how AR could have mass-market appeal.

10 November 2018   |   Karl Guttag

Magic Leap, HoloLens, and Lumus Resolution “Shootout” (ML1 review part 3)

Lumus, with what they call a “Light-guide Optical Element” (LOE), has a single waveguide that works on all colors. The thickness of their one LOE is similar to the stack of multiple (one per red, green, and blue) thinner waveguides on Hololens. They simply cut the waveguide’s entrance at an angle to get the light to enter (rather than use a color specific diffraction grating), and then they use a series of very specially designed partial mirrors to cause the light to exit.

29 September 2018   |   Ari Grobman

AR’s success depends on perfecting input methods

How will augmented reality (AR) glasses work for consumers? Specifically, what will be the user interface (UI) and/or user experience (UX) for the eyewear that will bring AR to the masses? The user experience will be very important since we are talking about a change to the fundamental human and machine interface. Up until now, the interaction has been between humans and computers, personal computers, laptops, mobile devices, and tablets.

29 January 2018   |   Karl Guttag

CES 2018 (Part 1 – AR Overview)

Attending CES is the proverbial drinking from a firehose. I had over 25 meetings in 4 days on the show floors and in hotels all over the strip, and from breakfast through dinner. This year I was mostly focused on Augmented Reality (AR) displays and optics with some look at automotive HUD and projection.

29 January 2018   |   Lucas Matney

Techcrunch: Lumus shows off the latest of its increasingly tiny augmented reality displays

Lumus is at CES this year showing off its latest builds and highlighting a new form factor it hopes to have ready in Q2 of this year that brings a complicated display technology smaller than its ever been before.

29 January 2018   |  

Lumus Showcases Next-Generation AR Displays at CES 2018

Lumus, a leading developer of transparent augmented reality (AR) displays, introduced its latest technology today at CES 2018, including the unveiling of its widely anticipated Vision optical engine, which is being produced to address the demand for AR visors.

20 April 2017   |   Abigail Klein Leichman

The world’s eyes are on Israel for photonics innovations

Israel’s outsized prominence in the fields of optics and electro-optics is no optical illusion. In the early 1970s, when physicist Abraham Katzir was a graduate student at Hebrew University, his supervisor urged him to get into optics, the study of light. The future, he predicted, was all about lasers and optical fibers.

20 April 2017   |   Mark Fidelman

These Are the Top Mixed Reality Companies in the World Today

In mixed reality technology, which includes virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), there are some companies that you cannot avoid watching. They include most of the world’s biggest, richest and most innovative personal tech companies.

11 January 2017   |  

Lumus shows that mixed reality glasses are coming in next year or two that are as thin as Snap’s Spectacles

Lumus shows that mixed reality glasses are coming in next year or two that are as thin as Snap's Spectacles. This company makes the best optics I have seen. Here is an article on the new 55-degree viewing angle optics it announced at CES: https://www.facebook.com/uploadvr/posts/1219474908135612 You see it in videos here from its suite at CES.

09 January 2017   |   Graham Atlee

CES 2017: Top 6 AR Tech Innovations

This year at CES, augmented reality captured a little more attention than virtual reality. The main focus of AR at CES was hardware, optics, and mobile solutions. If there was one thing in common, is that companies are now striving for minimization of the hardware necessary for AR. These are the top AR tech innovations of CES 2017. 

05 January 2017   |   DEAN TAKAHASHI

Lumus unveils AR displays for smartglasses with wide field of view

The company showed the Maximus prototype for AR glasses with a 55-degree field of view at CES 2017, the big tech trade show in Las Vegas this week.

05 January 2017   |   Adi Robertson

Lumus says its new augmented reality glasses are for ‘casual everyday users’

Augmented reality glasses company Lumus is announcing two new prototypes, one of which is designed to appeal to “casual everyday users.” The Maximus and Sleek designs, on display at CES, aren’t being directly released as products. But they’re designed to be licensed and released by other companies, and Lumus says we should see some consumer-focused prototypes from its customers over the next year.

01 January 2017   |   Abigail Klein Leichman

25 brilliant Israeli tech companies to watch in 2017

Drones, autonomous vehicles, finance, augmented reality, medical devices and mHealth are among fields in which Israel is coming on strong.

21 December 2016   |   ERIC DAVID

Lumus raises $45M to push its augmented reality displays

Things are starting to heat up in augmented reality, and with recent stumbles from juggernauts like Magic Leap, it is still anyone’s race. That is good news for companies like Israel-based AR startup Lumus Ltd., which has just closed an impressive $45 million funding round.

20 December 2016   |   Kevin Parrish

HTC jumps onto the AR bandwagon by investing in Lumus

Augmented reality (AR) display maker Lumus Ltd. said on Monday that it raised $30 million in funding from a group of investors including Quanta Computer and HTC. This cash will be bundled with the $15 million in funding it received from investment firm Shanda Group and Chinese photo-electric component maker Crystal-Optech during the summer to create a $45 million Series C investment round.

19 December 2016   |   Tova Cohen

Israeli augmented reality firm Lumus raises another $30 million

Lumus, a developer of technology for augmented reality, said on Monday it has completed a $45 million funding round with an additional $30 million from investors including Taiwan's Quanta Computer and consumer electronics firm HTC.

19 December 2016   |   CAT ZAKRZEWSKI

Lumus Raises Additional $30 Million in Series C Funding

The company is making augmented-reality glasses

19 December 2016   |   Lucas Matney

AR display maker Lumus grabs $30M in new funding from HTC, Quanta

Like many startups that have been in the AR space for more than a couple years, Lumus got its start building tech for the military where its optics technology was integrated into the helmets of Air Force fighter pilots. Today, the Tel Aviv-based AR display company is beginning to shift its attention towards consumer and enterprise customers as it places a major bet on smart glasses devices representing the next major computing wave.  

20 September 2016   |   Kate Baggaley

Navy divers will soon have one of the most futuristic views on the planet

Murky, turgid waters are about to become much easier for divers to navigate. Helmets used by the US Navy will soon come equipped with smart eyewear to let divers view real-time sonar, text messages, schematics, photographs, and videos. This is possible through a burgeoning technology known as "augmented reality," which projects digital information onto real-world objects.

Called Diver Augmented Vision Display (DAVD), the new prototype is the result of a partnership between the Navy and Lumus, an Israel-based company that has previously developed heads-up displays for the Air Force. The DAVD display will help with ship repair, underwater construction, and search or salvage missions.

21 February 2016   |   Mike Hoefflinger

VR And AR Will Be Mobile’s Demand Driver, Not Its Replacement

With each of the six biggest global consumer technology companies now deeply invested and feverishly in development, VR/AR has become too big to fail.

11 January 2016   |   Adi Robertson

Building for virtual reality? Don’t forget about women

Whatever problems I've had, companies are proving that things can change. Among its various oversized designs at CES 2016, optics company Lumus had a pair of glasses that felt practically made for my head. And after my less-than-ideal haptics demo, the creators promised to work on something that would fit me. I can't wait to try it out.

08 January 2016   |   AVRAM PILTCH

New Augmented Reality Goggles More Immersive Than HoloLens

For augmented reality to be really effective, it needs to be immersive. That's why Google Glass, with its tiny eyebrow-facing screen, was so uninspiring, and the binocular Microsoft HoloLens has so much promise.

07 January 2016   |   Chris Davies

These Lumus displays could fix HoloLens’ big problem

Field of view might be the Achilles’ heal for augmented reality devices like Microsoft’s HoloLens, but better optics might be incoming to address that. Lumus brought its latest stereo-vision AR headset prototype, the DK-50, to CES this year, complete with two transparent eyepieces that give a digital upgrade to a significantly larger portion of your vision.

07 January 2016   |   Jay Donovan

Lumus Is Showing A Wide Field-Of-View Smart Glasses Prototype

These days, it’s hard to stand out in the smart glasses category. There are many underwhelming products coming to market now and many more that, while extravagant, seem to be caught in the “forever-coming-soon” stage. It’s therefore refreshing to see a real live demo that really delivers.

06 January 2016   |   Nicole Lee

Lumus wants its display optics in future smart glasses

You might have never heard of Lumus, but it's likely that the companies making the smart glasses of the future will. You see, Lumus is a display optics company that has traditionally made its tech for combat aviation, but has recently branched out into the nascent world of augmented reality. Last year, it debuted the DK-40, a developer kit that packs in its optical engine tech into a relatively compact pair of frames. At this year's CES though, Lumus is unveiling the DK-50, which adds way more features: A wide 40-degree field-of-view, binocular 720p vision, plus a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon processor that runs none other than the Android operating system.

10 March 2014   |   Andy Boxall

These smartglasses display your notifications using military-spec tech

You may not have heard about Lumus Optical, but the company is ready to make a splash in the wearable technology world, after being on the outskirts for several years. However, while you may not ever wear a set of Lumus-branded glasses, you may eventually wear a pair containing Lumus’ technology. The firm wants to sell its products to other companies, which will then incorporate it in their own models.  

06 March 2014   |   John Biggs

A Look At Lumus, The Amazing Lens Technology That Is Going To Change Wearables

You may not know the name Lumus now, but expect to be hearing a lot from them in the future. When we first met the Lumus rep Ari Grobman two years ago he showed us some amazing technology. It was basically an augmented reality display embedded into a standard lens that could fit into a standard pair of glasses. The 720p model displayed a binocular image at near HD quality right in front of your face, allowing you to watch movies, play games, and even interact with mobile devices on a screen floating in mid-air.

25 February 2014   |   James Trew

Lumus and eyeSight deal brings gesture control to DK-40 smart glasses hand-on

Imagine a pair of Smart Glasses that you didn't need to fondle just to dismiss notifications, or worse, speak out loud to like a crazy. It's that exact thought that brought Lumus and eyeSight together.

09 January 2014   |   Mary Kelly

Wearable Glass Display – For viewing movies

This has a large display that is in your direct line of sight instead of above your eyes to the right. Try it out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UYTbnhddhGc  

09 January 2014   |  

Lumus’ Latest Wearable Computer at CES 2014

Lumus has long developed heads-up displays for the US military, but now it's using a developer kit called the DK-40 to bring its HUD tech to wearables out of the battlefield. The contraption's first stop was the CES show floor, so we couldn't resist putting our fingerprints all over it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EP_8hA5KGwk

08 January 2014   |   Jessica Dolcourt

Lumus smartglasses (mostly) get it right

At CES 2014, we eyeball the best smartglasses we've seen so far. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6aU_u2xbH4  

07 January 2014   |  

Lumus DK-40 hands-on: Glass put on notice

Lumus has brought its DK-40 wearable to CES 2014, showing off the new developer unit in public for the first time. The monocular headset is, like Google’s Glass, an Android-powered wearable computer, but whereas Glass floats a small window for notifications and such in the upper corner of your eye, the DK-40 actually overlays a full VGA digital image over the right eye instead.

12 January 2012   |   Chris Burns

Lumus-enabled wearable display hands-on by Chris Burns for SlashGear

Lumus-enabled wearable display hands-on by Chris Burns for SlashGear [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOBo05xvSVk[/embed]

14 December 2011   |   Emily Price

Lumus glasses let you watch video, and the real world

Cinema glasses aren't exactly anything new. You typically wear the glasses like you would your favorite pair of shades, and then see what appears to be a private giant screen in front of you. The downside of these cinema-shades? You can't see what's actually going on in the world around you. Lumus is attempting to fix that issue with a new line of video glasses that you can see through. The transparent lenses display what appears to your eyes as an 87-inch screen, while allowing you to see what's going on in front of you at the same time.

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Company News

13 July 2020

Lumus and SCHOTT enter into Strategic Partnership

Lumus, the pioneering innovator of reflective waveguide displays for Augmented Reality (AR) devices, has joined forces with SCHOTT, the leading supplier...

21 November 2019

An Interview with Yole: AR headsets – Solutions to go from military to commercial products

As AR aims to change our reality, it is extremely important to have systems that are properly designed to trick our...

05 November 2019

Ari Grobman, CEO – Named as Next Reality’s 30 People to Watch in AR for 2019

Ari Grobman, Lumus CEO was named by Next Reality as the top 30 people to watch in augmented reality in 2019....

21 May 2019

Top AR Influencers Talk about Lumus on the Heels of Lenovo A6 Announcement

During its Accelerate conference recently, Lenovo unveiled their ThinkReality A6 intended to bring augmented reality to enterprise users.  Powered with Lumus...

20 May 2019

Lenovo ThinkReality A6 Headset Ushers in New Enterprise AR Platform

Lenovo unveiled a new sub-brand called ThinkReality intended to bring augmented reality to enterprise users featuring a Full HD 1080p resolution...

16 May 2019

Lenovo’s AR Device – ThinkReality A6 – To Feature Lumus Waveguide Displays

The ThinkReality A6, will feature waveguide displays from Lumus, who struck a licensing deal with original design manufacturer Quanta, a Lenovo...

16 April 2019

Key Advantages of Reflective Waveguides over other solutions for AR Displays

Ari Grobman, Lumus CEO presenting at SPIE Photonics West in San Francisco – Feb 4th, 2019. In this clip, Ari discusses...

14 February 2019

Lumus CEO Presents “Reflective Waveguide Displays for Mass Market AR” at Photonics West

Ari Grobman, Lumus CEO presenting at SPIE Photonics West in San Francisco – Feb 4th, 2019.

20 January 2019

Lumus Presents the Future of AR Glasses for the Consumer Market

Newly Upgraded AR Display Technology to Be Showcased at CES LAS VEGAS, Jan. 8, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Lumus Ltd., a leading developer of...

20 January 2019

Report by Gartner Reveals Waveguide Optics Create Differentiation for Augmented Reality Head Mounted Displays

Lumus, a leading developer and producer of transparent AR displays, announces today that Gartner notes in its September 2018 Market Trends:...

02 January 2019

The State of Augmented Reality – Interview with Robert Scoble

Discussing the future of AR with Robert Scoble.  Listen to what Robert has to say about Lumus compared to our competitors....

18 December 2018

Lumus is at CES 2019 – Booth #21642 in LVCC South Hall. Let’s meet!

We are excited to be at this year’s CES conference in Las Vegas Jan 8-11. We would love to meet with you.  You...

14 November 2018

Magic Leap, HoloLens, and Lumus Resolution “Shootout” (ML1 review part 3)

Lumus, with what they call a “Light-guide Optical Element” (LOE), has a single waveguide that works on all colors. The thickness...

13 November 2018

AR’s success depends on perfecting input methods

How will augmented reality (AR) glasses work for consumers? Specifically, what will be the user interface (UI) and/or user experience (UX)...

19 August 2018

Why Apple’s AR Glasses Will Transform your Enterprise

Apple has been developing AR glasses for years, now it is expected to introduce them as soon as 2020. What use...

10 August 2018

‘There are boats floating above my head in Times Square’

AR is giving artists and galleries opportunities to create more interactive artworks and exhibitions, providing more exciting experiences and reaching new...

14 March 2018


The challenge to design fashionable #AR eyewear is real. Why? That’s a great question… but it won’t be the reality for long. Ari...

29 January 2018

Lumus’ AR glasses are a vision even Apple could approve of

If the mass market is going to be successfully sold on the idea of wearing augmented reality glasses, it could do...

03 January 2018

Visit Lumus at CES 2018

Come visit us at CES 2018. LVCB South Hall 1 Booth #21330

05 December 2017

Bloomberg: AR optics to be mass manufactured by leading ODM for Consumer AR glasses

This is a big deal. This deal means that the most expensive key enabling technology in the AR glasses teardown will...

05 December 2017

CNBC: Quanta announced a major deal that would significantly expand the availability of augmented reality glasses by 2019

Quanta Computer announced a major deal on Monday that would significantly expand the availability of augmented reality glasses by 2019. Read the...

20 November 2017

TechCrunch: Is AR eyewear ready for consumers? Are consumers ready for AR eyewear?

  Augmented reality marked a major milestone this year. For the first time, two technology titans revealed their intentions to bring AR to...

13 September 2017

AdWeek: Brands Need to Embrace Augmented Reality

David Goldman, Marketing VP at AR-focused company Lumus, concurred with Cullen about AR’s potential impact on out-of-home ads. “Two people can...

29 June 2017

Lumus quoted in USA TODAY

Companies with plans to build head-mounted AR systems would consider eyesight as the universal interface. That’s what David Goldman, VP of...

12 June 2017

Here’s Why Investors Are Pouring Cash Into AR and VR Startups

By 2021 both technologies are projected to be a $108 billion market. This article was originally posted in Inc. Magazine, June 8,...

06 April 2017

Lumus Expands to Enable Consumer AR Solutions. Brings 55-Degree Field-of-View AR Display Prototype to CES

LAS VEGAS, JANUARY 5, 2017 Lumus Ltd., a leading developer of augmented reality (AR) transparent wearable displays, today announced the company’s...

24 February 2017

AR Technology Innovator Lumus Appoints Ari Grobman as CEO

“Today, as the leading companies around the world plan to bring augmented reality and mixed reality consumer products and content...

19 December 2016

Lumus Completes $45M Round, Raising additional $30M from Quanta, HTC and others

RECHOVOT, ISRAEL, DECEMBER 19, 2016 Lumus Ltd., a leading developer of augmented reality (AR) wearable displays, announced today that it has...

15 August 2016

Lumus – InfinityAR Integration Joins Quality Optics with Advanced AR Software Engine

RECHOVOT AND PETACH TIKVA, ISRAEL, AUGUST 15, 2016 Two of today’s key forces in augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR)...

15 June 2016

Leading Augmented and Mixed Reality Optical Display Developer Lumus Ltd. Raises $15M to Scale Expansion

RECHOVOT, ISRAEL, JUNE 15, 2016 Lumus Ltd., a leading developer of high-end transparent near-to-eye displays for augmented reality (AR), mixed reality...

31 May 2016

Augmented Reality Glasses with Eye Tracking Showcased at AWE 2016

TELTOW, GERMANY AND REHOVOT, ISRAEL, MAY 31, 2016 SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) adds eye tracking to the Lumus DK-50. Eye tracking pioneers SensoMotoric Instruments and leaders in augmented...

06 January 2016

Lumus Unveils Breakthrough Augmented Reality Development Kit at CES.

DK-50 Development Kit Creates Immediate, Real-World Possibilities for AR LAS VEGAS, JAN 6, 2016 Leading optical display technology developer Lumus has unveiled...

04 December 2015

Lumus names VP R&D Dr. Aviv Frommer and COO Guy Peled to Help Lead Shift in Corporate Focus

REHOVOT, ISRAEL, DECEMBER 04, 2015 Lumus Ltd., an optics company known for its industry-leading wearable display technology, has announced two executive...

12 November 2015

Lumus Announces New Leadership to Spearhead New Focus. Names Ben Weinberger CEO, Dr. Shlomo Kalish Chairman

CEO Ben Weinberger and Chairman Dr. Shlomo Kalish to Transition Corporate Focus to Large-Scale Adoption REHOVOT, ISRAEL, NOVEMBER 12, 2015 Lumus...

05 May 2014

Opgal And Lumus Present Thermal Camera Capabilities Combined With Eyewear At SPIE.

KARMIEL, ISRAEL, MAY 5, 2014 Opgal Optronic Industries, developers of the Therm-App™ mobile thermal imaging camera, and Lumus Ltd., developers of...

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