Road Safety is Looking Up

29 August, 2017


We’ve all been on the road at a stop light. We quickly use the opportunity to reach over and scan our mobile devices.

Imagine the world where drivers are looking up, no longer craning their necks staring at tiny screens and trying to read email, text messages or instant messages.

Augmented reality is enabling some powerful applications that will change not only how car and motorcycle drivers stay focused on the road and remain aware of their surroundings, but also as bicycle riders and pedestrians.

As AR eyewear becomes more usable and practical, the future of road safety is looking up. With these advancements comes a promise of extending human interaction, interconnectivity and a whole new interface for human interaction with technology. AR technology will enable drivers to stay focused, remain connected, and most importantly stay safe. We will stay connected and augment the way we perceive reality while maintaining situational awareness.

The transition to autonomous vehicles will help to make AR a new interface that helps transition drivers from today into the future…the future is looking up.

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