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Lumus transparent displays transform
the way people interact with reality.
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Seamlessly fuse digital &
physical reality

Meshing the physical and digital worlds, Lumus patented optical engines provide unmatched combination of see-through performance and a wide field of view in the most compact package.
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Wide Immersive
Field of View

Up to 55º wide field of view maximizes immersive sensation of meshing the digital and physical worlds.

High Brightness,
True Transparency

Crystal-clear display with true color and daylight readability for realistic visual experience.


Ultra sleek lens fits any design profile or usage scenario, from consumer to industrial.
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Leveraging more than 16 years of experience in AR transparent displays and with more than 15,000 optical engines shipped so far, Lumus provides its partners with an unmatched mix of proven, high-performance and versatile transparent displays.
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This company makes the best optics I have seen
11 January 2017
AR display technologies that hit all of the right points
Lucas Matney
19 December 2016
I can't wait to try it out.
Adi Robertson
11 January 2016
These Lumus displays could fix HoloLens' big problem
Chris Davies
07 January 2016
It’s refreshing to see a real live demo that really delivers
Jay Donovan
07 January 2016
The Amazing Lens Technology That Is Going To Change Wearables
John Biggs
06 March 2014

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